Vanaheim – NW-00025

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Nine Worlds

The name originated from Norse mythology, where the universes are unified in a world tree called Yggdrasil. According to the legends, there are nine different realms of world inside the branches of Yggdrasil.

NINE WORLDS’ name symbolize the brand identity, it’s a universal product, with endless possibilities of designs and materials.



The Series of ZIRCONIA models, based on the realm of Vanir gods, a tribute to the marvelous attributes of ZIRCONIA material. ZIRCONIA is a crystalline oxide with ceramization( solidification ) process.

The Material perks:

– never changing color

– lightweight

– Extreme scratch resistance (Mohs 9 of 10)

– Anti rust and corrosions

– Hypoallergenic

– High melting point of 2.915 °C



Submaterial of the ring, usually in the center position of the ring. This model featuring the CUBIC ZIRCONIA. CUBIC ZIRCONIA is a well-known Diamond simulant, due to the similarity and characteristic with the Diamond. As a crystal created from lab, it is a common mistake that people think this is not a crystal, actually CUBIC ZIRCONIA is a crystalline form of the Zirconium Dioxide ( ZrO2 ) mineral.

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Cubic Zirconia