Muspelheim Ragnarok Jormungand II Brass – NW-00321


Nine Worlds

The name originated from Norse mythology, where the universes are unified in a world tree called Yggdrasil. According to the legends, there are nine different realms of world inside the branches of Yggdrasil.

NINE WORLDS’ name symbolize the brand identity, it’s a universal product, with endless possibilities of designs and materials.


The Series of artistic crafted models, based on the realm of fire giants. The land of Muspel is a land of fiery field. The Muspelheim series common traits is the handcrafted models with original idea of historical figures.

Ragnarok series is the part of Muspelheim collection. The beauty of Ragnarok series will grow as time goes, when the patina gradually appears, additional depth to the ring will enhance and create the battle damaged effects.


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